“Better is open rebuke Than love that is concealed. Faithful are the wounds of a friend, But deceitful are the kisses of an enemy.” Proverbs 27:5-6
The message is clear. Galit si Duterte dahil sa pinalalabas ng America na extra judicial killer siya. While making it seem like we are their friends. Who will not be when you are accused by your “friend” of something that is not true. Hindi pinag utos ni Duterte patayin ang inosente. Ang pinapapatay nya ay ang mga manlalaban na drug lords at kriminal. This is justified killing in defense of his own life.
Duterte knows that issues on EJK and human rights violation are foundation of American intervention against states they wish to attack. Like what they allegedly did with Sadam, Gaddaffi and Alkaida.
Malaki ang problema ng Pilipinas sa droga, dahil ang sindikato umabot na sa gubyerno. Pero imbes na tumulong ang Amerika, nangunguna pa sa pamumuna ng walang basehan maliban sa mga chismis na galing sa kalaban ng Pangulo sa pulitika na sina De Lima at Triallanes at mga drug lords na kasama nila. Walang imbistigasyon, walang kasong naisampa, walang matinong witness na nakuha, maliban sa sinungaling na si Matobato na dala ni De Lima at Trillanes. When all the big bosses inside prison are saying that De Lima is their big boss. Where is justice? Where is truth? Where is friendship we expect from America that calls us their friend.
Kaya para sakin, mas gusto ko na ang taong nagsasabi ng TOTOO kahit nagmumura, kesa sa maganda mag salita, puro naman kasinungalingan. Action speaks louder than words. If our friends who call us friends are true, after the many decades we have committed to them our friendship and welcome to our land, that was destroyed because we got dragged into a their war against the Japanese, they should answer legitimate issues PDuterte raised in his speech.
Are they refusing to SELL us missiles we direly need to protect ourselves? Did you not come here and pull us into your war with our neighbors whom we were at peace with? Did not our grand fathers loose their lives fighting for you? Now that war is imminent, is it true that you are refusing to “SELL” us weapons?
Are you talking nicely, but are completely doing it otherwise? Politeness is treacheries best cover. If “Double talking” is what it means to be nice, THEN I DONT WANT TO BE NICE.
BTW, I studied at UC Berkeley and love SFO. I am not anti-america. But I want to know the truth. Is America refusing to sell us weapons?


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