These baseless allegations sensationalized in the media are steps to destroy Duterte’s administration and our country by giving it into the hands of drug lords, criminals and corrupt government officials. Thus, to destroy the future of our children.

The idea is based on allegations that the killings happening today are because of Duterte’s all out war against drugs and that the innocent are being killed in the process. First of all the war is not against the innocent but the criminals and drug lords. Innocent people are dying everyday from the hands of criminals long before Duterte became President.

How can the killings now be attributed to Duterte? My question to the accusers; have you investigated? Do you have evidence that it was Duterte who ordered the killing of that particular person or people. And if they were indeed criminals and drug pushers endangering the lives of our children everyday, who will run after them?

In 2006 PDEA said that 90% of heinous crimes are drug related. How much would have it grown in 10 years? How would you like to address heinous crimes if it happened to your loved one?

To the international media, writing about human rights violation and extra judicial killings, my question to you are the following:

1.How did you know that the person who died was innocent? Can you prove it? Please bring evidence and I will assist you to bring it to court and to Duterte.

2.If the person who died was innocent, how can you blame Duterte for the death, when his orders are to kill criminals and drug lords who will resist arrest and try to kill the arresting officer? The orders was not for the innocent but against criminals who shall attempt to resist arrest and kill the police. Thus, if the person who died was innocent, then the order came NOT from Duterte but from someone else.

3.When you tagged Duterte for EJK did you investigate? Did you give it due process? Did you bring it to court, to Duterte, or did you go straight to the media to sell your story? Do you have evidence of EJK’s and human rights violations of Duterte or just stories of people dying alleged to be criminals and alleged to be innocent? Crimes happen everyday from the hands of both civilians and officers of the law and there are many politicians and police officers conniving with the drug cartel. It is only Duterte who is seriously running after them and exposing them.

4.How can DUTERTE’S analogy about Hitler and the Holocaust be PARALLELED to each other when Duterte is running after criminals and drug lords, while HITLER MASSACARED INNOCENT JEWS, ACCORDING TO HISTORY. Is it the same or the OPPOSITE?

5.What if the person who died was a criminal resisting arrest? Would you still feel the same way?

6.If the criminal died while surrendering and the police claims it to be otherwise, should it not be investigated in the court of law to get to truth? Thus, we invite you to investigate and to respect the rule of law TO DETERMINE both the victim and the criminal.

The claims of the killings of innocent lives should not be blamed on Duterte or the war on drugs. But to criminals and drug lords who started all this. For they are the cause of all these trouble.

Allegations of extra judicial killings is a myth, created by the minds of drug lords and their political patrons to destroy Duterte’s credibility through both the international and paid local media. Duterte can not be blamed for human rights violations unless proven in court nor for the ordering of the summary killings of “helpless criminals and drug lords” (if there be any) more so killing of innocent lives. He is fulfilling his words and promises to the Filipino people.

He is risking his life, honor and the presidency to protect the innocent, our country and our children from the hands of criminals, drug lords and the evils of illegal drugs. And to the detriment of his own peace and safety, he is exposing and pursuing the drug cartel that is destroying our nation and the future of our children. Have you ever come close to at least half of what he has done for his country? If you have not investigated, and have no proof, then, all you may have are MYTHS, LIES, but, NOT the TRUTH.


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