If the logic behind SK abolition is corruption, then even more should we abolish congress, senate and the office of the President, because of much greater corruption blatantly seen in those offices through the PORK BARREL SYSTEM.

Should we do that? NO. Because society needs government representation yet should be limited to the concerns of peace and order and the application of justice.

God in His word laid down the principle of the separation of powers (1 John 5:7).  A principle adopted by every constitution of a free nation and all Philippine Constitutions from 1899-1987.

The solution is not the abolition governments but the reconstruction and application of structural and fundamental principles of a free nation under God provided by our constitution.

That is, NEVER to allow the CONCENTRATION of powers to belong to one man or cooperation.  By separating the functions of the appropriator and the implementer. Thus establishing a system of checks and balance that will naturally protect the society from corruption and tyrants.

Continue to pray for wisdom for the President and both houses of Congress to work to protect and establish the ideals of liberty and re-create our nation to be truly under God.

Link for SK election postponment.



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